Video of the Week: Fragging in the Wild

Licensed to Frag: Biologists from the California Academy of Sciences search out stony corals to supply cuttings on a Philippine reef for cultivation back in at the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco.  Charles Delbeek reported on this 2011 expedition in his Advanced Aquatics column in CORAL.

Aquarium Portrait: Dan Rigle's Acropora Obsession

 ORA "Pearlberry" Acropora: one of Dan Rigle's much-fragged colonies.


Los Angeles to Consider Citywide Pet Store Ban

NEWS Flash from the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC)

Sustainable Livestock Battlelines: "Newsletter Article Is an Insult"

We received this feedback from Eric Cohen of Sea Dwelling Creatures following publication of Ret Talbot's article PNG Sustainably Collected Livestock Arrives (CORAL Newsletter, July 19, 2012.)


PNG Sustainably Collected Livestock Arrives

The Golden Nugget Wrasse, just arrived from EcoAquariums Papua New Guinea.

Aquarists can expect new, rare, and exotic fishes

By Ret Talbot

Video of the Week: Amazing Reef Photography

World class reef videography from the BBC's Blue Planet series, with a soundrack by Enigma called 'Respect.'  In the second minute, don't miss the time-lapse photography of Acropora growing.

Fishkeepers Unite to Save Monster

Here's a message just in from Rachel O'Leary, one of our favorite nano fish and invert importers and breeders in York, Pennsylvania:

Video of the Week: Dancing Polyps in French Reef

Owner is zebrasoma44, who says:  "Macro movies of my favorite corals in my own small tank reef (210 US gallons/ 800 litres): enjoy !"

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