Video of the Week: Displaced Banggai Cardinalfish

Dutch biologist Eugéne Bruins documents the artificial spread of Pterapogon kauderni in Lembeh Strait, where it is fast becoming an invasive threat.

See Us at INTERZOO 2012

CORAL, AMAZONAS, MICROCOSM Books, and the BANGGAI RESCUE PROJECT will be a Interzoo 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany.We will be in Halle 9, Booth 547, sharing space with Boyd Enterprises, Piscine Energetics, and Aqua Design Amano USA.

New Cyanide Test Draws Reaction from 104th Street

Cyanide fishermen in the Philippines. Image courtesy IRDC.

Video of the Week: Centropyge Collection in Oz

Anyone who has ever tried to net a wild marine angelfish knows it is easier said than done. Here a diver from Cairns Marine demonstrates how to do it, sans cyanide.

New Cyanide Detection Test: "A game changer..."

Collecting marine ornamental fishes for the aquarium trade using cyanide administered from a squirt bottle. Photo: James Cervino/NOAA.

By Ret Talbot

Video of the Week: Angelfish Lover's Reef

Marine angelfish enthusiast John Coppolino feeds his amazing reef aquarium with rare and coveted species galore.

Video: Glassbox Design

Music: Hocus Pocus

More information here.

Banggai Rescue Project Funding Successful

Thanks to the participation of 153 backers, mostly marine aquarium enthusiasts and businesses, the Banggai Rescue Project has raised $33,006 to be used in efforts to improve the prospects of the endangered Banggai Cardinalfish, Pterapogon kauderni.

Banggai Rescue Looking for 2 Backers

The Banggai Rescue Kickstarter Project has exceeded its fundraising goal, but we are just two backers short of 150 - a number we would love to hit.

Donations so far range from $1.00 to $10,000. The Kickstarter funding ends at 2:19 tomorrow, Sunday, April 8th.

Thanks to everyone who has already made a contribution.

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